—  PCOS is a disease of the endocrine, that is, hormonal system of the body, affecting an ever increasing number of females, from 11 to 45 yrs age group.

—  Presently PCOS is a major cause of Infertility.

—  PCO and PCOS are two different entities, the former refers to Ovaries being enlarged with trapped ovum (female egg), and the later is the full-fledged syndrome affecting the whole body.

—  PCOS is associated with / is a risk factor for-Diabetes, Infertility, Endometrial Cancer, Breast Cancer, High Cholesterol Level, Heart Disease, Stroke, Psychological Disorders like Depression, Increased risk of Diabetes & Miscarriage during Pregnancy, etc.

How’s? Why’s?

—  The exact cause of PCOS is not known. It’s just a disturbance of the HPO Axis- the Hypothalamus- Pituitary- Ovarian Axis.

—  HPO Axis maintains the hormone balance of the female body.

—  In PCOS, the levels of female hormones are reduced, while those of male hormones are increased.

—  This leads to REDUCED or NO EGG FORMTION, thus swelling & cysts (large no. of immature eggs) in the ovary.

—  These are also insulin resistance, leading to Diabetes like state and obesity.

—  Increased male hormones lead to VIRILISM.

—  Multiple Follicles seen in the ovary, termed as POLYCYSTIC OVARY.

Signs & Symptoms

—  Most common symptoms are changes in menstrual cycles. There may be AMENORRHOEA or absence of menses, seen mostly in young girls.

—  OLIGOMENORRHOEA or Delayed menses, the cycles may vary from 40 days to 3 or 4 months.

—  Occasionally there may be HYPERMNEORRHOEA or frequent menses.

—  Menstrual flow may be heavy, particularly if they come after several months gap.

—  Cycle may or may not appear, but there is no or very less OVULATION i.e. EGG FORMATION in the ovaries.

Signs & Symptoms

—  OBESITY particularly CENTRAL OBESITY is associated with PCOD.

—  Insulin resistance is seen, causing High Blood Sugar.

—  HIRSUTISM or male like hair growth is seen. Coarse hair may appear on face, breasts, abdomen etc.

—  ACNE may appear fresh or may aggravate.

—  Thickening & darkening of skin around armpits, groins or chest may be seen, known as ACANTHOSIS NIGRICANS.

—  Depression, low self esteem is common.

—  Infertility due to ANOVULATION i.e. no egg formation in the ovaries.

—  Hair fall & thinning, male pattern hair loss.


—  To confirm the diagnosis a detailed history, esp. family history is must. Many times PCOD is inherited, and may be seen in first degree relatives.

—  Clinical examination, showing swelling in the ovaries, excess hair growth etc.

Lab tests & Investigations include-

—  Hormone assays- FSH, LH, Prolactin, Estradiol, Testosterone.

—  Blood sugar & Glucose Tolerance Test ( GTT).

—  Lipid Profile

—  Thyroid Function Tests

—  Ultrasound (sonography) of the pelvis.


—  Treatment of PCOS is directed towards managing the symptoms. Since the cause is not known, there is no definitive treatment.

—  However weight loss of about 10 % of body weight may bring about ovulation, regular cycles and regulates hormonal levels, as fatty tissue interfere with the formation of female sex hormones.

—  Conventional medical treatment involves use of Oral Contraceptive to regulate cycles and reduce the unwanted hair growth and hypoglycemic agents to control blood sugar. Hormonal preparations to induce ovulation, especially the patient are trying to conceive.

—  Dietary changes to manage obesity and optimize nutrition and are advised.

—  Exercise to promote weight loss, regulate hormonal activity & reduce depression, anxiety etc.

—  Counseling is advised to help deal with symptoms particularly low self esteem, mood swings, depression, anxiety etc.

—  Like any other illness PCOS causes lots of mental stress, which may aggravate the symptoms further, so stress management by way of medical help, self help, social support is very important part of the management.

—  Alternative therapy like Homeopathy   provides safer solutions to PCOS & related Infertility.


These are some of the commonly used remedies with their indications, prescribed for PCO and PCOD.

Since a homeopathic ( especially constitutional ) remedy is prescribed on the basis of a totality of symptoms that includes the  temperament , behaviour and attitudes of patient besides the physical symptoms/complaints, the symptoms mentioned here are mostly related to the mental state. It is obvious that the patient has the usual symptoms of PCO, which I haven’t unnecessarily described again.


Suits an anxious, awkward, passionate female, who is prone to emotional outbursts. Anxious temperaments make her a busy bee. Tenderness & severe pain in the lower abdomen is also noticed along with a tendency to retain water in general, causing puffy swellings.


Full of fears- a calcarea lady has numerous fears, ranging from rats to financial ruins. She may be an anxious, hypochondriac with a fear of cancer or infectitous illness. Earthy, hardworking, contentious individuals, who are usually constipated, very delicate, sensitive to cold & wet weather.


Reserved and too proper in nature. Get offended easily and the reserved displeasure or anger may even lead to physical symptoms like colic or suppressed menses.


Very restless, hurried, anxious females. Always lean, inspite of hogging day and night. Feel hungry all the time, which is also a sign of anxiety, besides an over active thyroid gland, for which this remedy is quiet resourceful.


Shows an array of mental and emotional symptoms. Passionate, talkative, energetic, temperamental, delusional, dominating, aggressive, anxiety and a number of fears. Prone to having difficulty in sleeping, breathing, with palpitations.


Nervous, timid & lacking in confidence. However sometimes they may show a false ego or be boastful.

Lean, flatulent, usually looks older then age, many times there is lack of development of breasts.


Reserved, closed, proper and well behaved females. Fear of being hurt in relationships or a history of being hurt is always there with brooding about the same. Often suffer from migraines, constipations & allergies. Prone to depression.


Emotional, attention seeking, jealous female. Many times fears men& marriage. Tendency to gastric upsets easily, espcially after eating fat containing food.


Mild and sensitive natured female who is nervous yet quiet obstinate at times. Refined & with intellectual inclinications.Concentious nature leading to anxiety.


Low self esteem & lack of identity. Prone to having delusions & odd opinions about self. Suspicious and mistrustful. Tendency to warts, growth, “sycotic” affections.

HOMEOPATHY combined with dietary & lifestyle modifications renders excellent outcomes in cases of PCOD.

Hope readers find this useful!



  1. ruby says:

    Hello doc even m facing same prblms m 29yr old female.. I did ol d test nw suggest me wat to do? M obese too…

  2. punehomeopathy says:

    Dear Shivangi,
    If you have been maintaing weight via exercise and good nutrition and do not suffer from any physical complaints/ symptoms, you need to rethink about your concerns. If you are not able to maintain weight inspite of exercise and proper diet, then you may need homeopathic help and nutrition adivce, for which you can drop a mail on dranshita.rathoare@yahoo.co.in. . We will solve your queries, and provide an online consultation if required. Hope this helps. Regards

  3. rashmi says:

    Hello Doc, i want to know medicine for anovulation without PCOD..History of induced abortion with regular periods…
    kindly revert back

      • Khushi says:

        hello doc, from past 7 yrs I am suffering from PCOD. I did hormone test, hormone level are not normal. During this years I have taken allopathy , ayurvedic and homepathic medicines. But this problem is not resolved till date. Currenly, I am on homeopath medicines. Still the same issue. Please help.

      • Dr.Anshita Singh Rathore says:

        Hi, If the current doctor is unable to help, talk to her/ him. Or else switch doctors. Homeopathy offers Excellent results in such cases, but unfortunately at times the doctor may not be able to deal with a case. Don’t lose hope. All the best.

  4. Sehrish Tallat says:

    Hi im sehrish i was pregnant 8 months before but after 2 weeks i hav misd abort now i hav multiple folicel sycst in my both ovaries and my weight is 80 and im 27yrs old plz help me

  5. rupa guha says:

    this is a very knowledgeable site.i have been suggested to take glycomet 500 and normoz
    for pcos. i do not have diabetes or blood pressure or lipid problem or lft/rft disorder.
    i do not have constipation but i have put on 9kgs during last one year. my height is 5ft 5 inches
    there area couple of hairs coming out of my chin. i am very jovial but off and on i will have bout of depression specially when i am alone. i am very concerned about my only daughter. i am 37 years old and weigh 69 kg.i walk everyday for half an hour and do yoga.doctor can you suggest me the right homeopathic medicine for my pcos- strangely i do not have any pain in the abdomen.

  6. Homoeo Dr, Munir Ahmad says:

    This has given me a lot of knowledge for treatment of females suffering from sterility due to the causes mentioned above, To have symptoms relating temperament, etc, one has to struggle a lot. I thank the writer for providing the information.

  7. Lakshmi says:

    Hi Doctor. Till 3 months back, my periods were regular. It’s been a year since I am married. After marraige, I shifted to Bangalore and since then I have put on a weight of 10kgs (prior to wedding, i was 60kg).
    I consulted a family doctor and he said I am having PCOD. I am instructed a strict diet to lose abdomen fat and also oral contraceptive pills for 3 months to control the hormonal imbalance.
    My question is should I go for contraceptive pills or homeopathy? Kindly suggest. I am extremely worried about my condition but my husband is being very supportive and asking to keep my calm.

    • Dr.Anshita Singh Rathore says:

      Hi,you can start homeopathy for PCO right away. Since its a lifestyle disorder like diabetes, you need to focus on weight management, stress management , and other thing as well.
      I would suggest avoid DIETING, but stick to a nutritious diet or else your body will not make any hormones.
      1 hr activity that you enjoy ( aerobics/ swimming/ power yog etc) would be good enough for you to manage weight and keep hormones in flow.

      • Lakshmi says:

        Thanks for your reply Doctor!
        If you have an info, could you please suggest some good homeopathy doctors/clinics in South Bangalore. We are new to this place and are not sure which one to opt.

  8. ankita says:

    hello madam, i am suffering from pcos since 8 years .. i want to book an appointment at your clinic kindly send me your clinic contact number.

  9. Sipra says:

    Hallo doc,I am supra from kanpur.past 1 year I suffering from multiple ovary cyst less than 4mm in both side.& central obecity also.suggess me Homyo medicine.

  10. drcare says:

    PCOD or Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a disorder or disease that affects the functioning or health of the ovaries. This is also referred to as Stein-Leventhal syndrome. It is considered one of the most common disorders faced by women. In the case of PCOD, small cysts are developed in the ovaries which are not inherently harmful but can often lead to hormonal imbalance leading to other health complications.

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