Top 10 reasons to give homeopathy to your child!

For centuries skeptics have criticized homeopathic remedies of being nothing but placebo.
And homeopathy and homeopathic practitioners have defied all these allegations by showing excelling results in the treatment of children’s ailments, where there is no scope of a Placebo –effect.
Though there are innumerable children’s ailments that homeopathy provides solutions for, here are top 10 ones!

1. Common colds, flu – the most annoying of illness that distresses little ones , responds amazingly to homeopathy, rendering the episode mild and duration shortened. Infect the perpetual runny nose and cough seen in toddlers can be put a stop to by homeopathic constitutional medicines.

2.Tonsillitis- Recurrent tonsillitis one common complaint in the age group 3- 8 years, homeopathy not only helps treat the infection , but improves the immunity so as to avoid tonsillectomy , which is often advised by doctors of conventional medicine can be altogether avoided.

3. Bed wetting – Enuresis or bed wetting in older children can be due to a number of causes, ranging from psychological disturbance, fear etc to neurological issue, any of these can be corrected by help of the sweet pills.
4. Skin Ailments- most common skin ailment seen in kids is tenia infection, rash or hives, childhood eczema, which can be completely eradicated by use of homeopathy and use of topical steroids, anti fungal drugs can be totally bypassed.

5. Asthma & allergies – One in every five kids these days suffer from asthma, allergic bronchitis, or any other form of skin, respiratory or gut allergy. Allergies respond quiet well to Homeopathy, and can be managed quiet well to stop or at least minimise the use of anti allergic drugs, bronchodilators, steroids.

6. Behavioural Problems – Homeopathic remedies are prescribed on the basis of mental picture, temperament and personality type of the patient, and they are quiet valuable in the treatment of behavioural disorders in children.

7. Autism Spectrum Disorders- Learning issues, autism and similar disorders respond well to homeopathic constitutional medicine. Bach Flower remedies, which are an offshoot of homeopathy, have been quiet extensively used for such disorders in India and other countries and have been found positively effective .

8. Teething Troubles- Dentition or teething is the phase that is most tormenting for the child as well as his/her parents. It’s well known fact that children who are given homeopathic remedies during dentition can get through this phase quiet comfortably.

9. Immunity – Recurrent & chronic infections of skin, respiratory tract, gut , eyes etc can be prevented , and intensity & duration of illness minimized by use of Homeopathic Remedies.

10. Growth, Development & Weight Issues- Homeopathy is found to be useful during the phases when the body is going through changes. Developmental problems, delayed milestones, weight gain & puberty changes are some of the conditions where homeopathy can be prescribed safely and provides excellent results.

Besides the conditions mentioned, homeopathy is also useful in treatment of epilepsy, surgical conditions, neurological problems & autoimmune illness like rheumatoid arthritis.

Lesser sick days for the child and fewer sleepless nights for the parents is what homeopathy offers!





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