An Epidemic of Vitamin Deficiencies?

Everyone is wondering why nearly all of us are suffering from Vit D or Vit B12 or Iron or multiple Vitamins / Mineral Deficiencies these days.
We have access to good food, money and resources to buy it, educated enough to make the correct choices…then how and why are we deficient such basic nutrients?

The answer to this question lies within our stomach.

Yes the stomach and the intestines are responsible for digestion and absorption of all the nutrients in the body.
Infact the absorption of many nutrients ( minerals & vitamins ) are linked to & even dependent on each other.

Here is a brief list of ailments which can lead to Vit B12 Deficiency-
Recurrent or chronic gastritis
• Acid peptic disorder
• Irritable bowel disease
• Inflammatory bowel disease
• Recurrent episodes of diarrhoea
• Typhoid
• Frequent and term use of antibiotics
• Long term use of pain medications
• Over use of laxatives ( meds to relieve constipation)
• Long term use of antacids to relieve hyperacidity

Vitamin D deficiency is another common problem faced today. Here is a list of causes-
1. Lack of sun exposure
2. Poor intake of Vit D through diet
3. Diseases of the gut- Crohns Disease, Ulcerative colitis, Cystic fibrosis , IBS, Chronic Gastritis.
4. Obesity
5. Kidney Disease

Iron Deficiency-
Besides the dietary causes, blood loss (occult or otherwise), one of the leading causes of Iron deficiency anemia is disease of the stomach & intestine which reduces the absorption of Iron in the body.

Nowadays 1 in 3 individuals is suffering from one or the other diseases related to the gut. This clearly explains why we are becoming increasingly deficient in spite of eating well.

How to keep the intestine healthy?
Mindful and balanced diet along with management of one’s lifestyle in terms of sleep, activity, habits is very important in maintaing a healthy gut.
• Poor sleep, especially lack of sleep leads to over production of acid in the stomach.
• Sedentary habits / lack of activity slow down gut activity and production of digestive juices, hence poor digestion
• Emotional stress is associated with increased acid secretion, Irritable Bowel Disease, recurrent infections and more…
• A diet deficient in one nutrient may be deficient in others as well, for ex- Vegan Diet lacks Vit D & B12 both.
• Poor intake of food or lack of appetite is also a culprit here. For ex- Anorexia Nervosa, “Dieting” for weight loss.
• Increased intake of refined, packaged, chemically treated food items is invariable associated with poor nutrition, obesity and a large number of lifestyle disorders.
• Homeopathy and Natural Remedies to relieve gut ailments.

Homeopathy not just offers excellent results in inflammatory diseases of the stomach & intestines but also helps relieve the symptoms of deficiencies at the same time.
Although a homeopathic prescription is based on a totality of symptoms, details personal, family history, temperament, habits, and over all constitution of the person, still I would like to mention the most commonly indicated homeopathic remedies for the gut ailments discussed.

Carbo Veg
Carbon Animalis
Arsenicum Album
Veratrum Album
China/ Cinchona
Nux Vomica
Argentrum Nitricum

Use of a Homeopathic similimum along with general management of lifestyle, stress & a prescribed diet can manage & cure deficiencies.


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