Thanks to the polluted atmosphere & erratic weather conditions, we suffer from frequent & long episodes of cold, cough, throat infections, allergies of nose, throat & chest.

One gets tired of having antihistaminics in the form of cold meds, cough syrups, nasal drops , etc. Followed by frequent use of antibiotics and finally courses of steroids if you have an allergy.

Not only these increase the duration of illness, but lower your immune system, by suppressing the natural discharges of our body ( ex-cough syrups, nasal drops, and other form of antihistaminics)

Homeopathy along with some common-sense-home –remedies can help manage these episodes, by shortening the duration, reducing suffering and frequency of attacks.

  1. Simple practice of blowing nose is tremendously helpful, especially if the discharges are thick, & are dropping to throat via back of nose ( posterior nares). Don’t blow too hard, or you may feel pain in the ear.
  2. Steam inhalation, helps in most individuals with common cold and sinusitis. While in case of allergic rhinitis, the effect of steam may be variable and subjective. Since its harmless practice, inhaling unmedicated steam 2-3 times a day can be done.
  3. Warm fluids like luke-warm water, masala chai/ herbal tea, soup with pepper soothes body.
  4. You need more of fluids if you have cold, dry cough and fever.
  5. For mild cough home remedies like honey + hint of ginger, milk with pinch of turmeric, tea with tulsi leaves+ laung+ black pepper etc are quiet helpful. In case of moderate or severe cough one needs to visit the physician.
  6. Flu leads to high fever especially on 2nd and 3rd day; this kind of fever (especially in kids and infants) required a fever medicine. By 4th and 5th day the temperature comes down, this is the natural course of influenza/ flu.
  7. Sometimes toddles & infants may develop rash and skin eruptions along with fever, which needs to be seen by the treating doctor.
  8. Congestion in chest, with difficulty in breathing, talking, climbing stairs indicated that the lungs may be infected or it’s an attack of allergic bronchitis/ asthma, which requires immediate medical attention.
  9. Nose block for more than a week, with ear pain, and other symptoms can be a sign of allergic rhinitis/ nasal allergy or sinusitis, get yourself examined by your doctor.
  10. Ear pain, especially in children can be quiet disturbing, homeopathy offers excellent remedies for ear pain.
  11. Headache is common in flu and fever, but persistent headache over eyebrows, face is seen in a sinus infection.
  12. Flu or influenza is a self limiting condition, which means it gets better by itself in 3-5-7 days. But Homeopathy shortens the episodes and reduced suffering,  and at the same time saves one from unnecessary use of cold-cough syrups and antibiotics.
  13. Nose Bleed or Epistaxis- sometimes bleeding from nose may be seen in case of chronic cold, due to dryness, removal of scab, too much sneezing. Application of pressure, use of petroleum jelly for dryness, avoiding picking nose, blowing nose gently helps. Medical attention is required in case of frequent nose bleed.
  14. Bleed from throat or phlegm mixed with blood, these are sign of a number of illness ranging from allergic cough to cancer . So visit your doctor for a thorough examination.
  15. Nasal polyps- these are small, soft tumours in the nose, they cause recurrent colds, almost permanent nose block . Homeopathy is very useful in polyps.
  16. Redness or irritation in eye is also seen in sinusitis and allergies, its a part and parcel of your primary complaint, once allergy/ sinus infecition gets better, eye symptom go away. Restrain yourself from rubbing eye, wash them with tap water or use mild lubricating drop incase of sever irritation and dryness.
  17. Fever with Phlegm for more then 2 weeks, is also a sign of TUBERCULOSIS, a simple blood test, testing of phlegm and chest x-ray can diagnose it.

Homeopathic remedies –

NUX VOMICA- is one frequently indicated remedy for nose blocks, flu; fever almost acts like an antihistaminic and provides quick relief. Useful for infants too.

PULSATILLA- useful when the cold is thick, nasal discharge is yellow-green. Cough especially at night/ lying on bed. Used in ear pain also.

ARSENICUM ALBUM- useful in allergic colds, flu, congestion in chest, wheezing. Indicated in patients with allergic constitution, with weakness, anxiety, little thirst, chills etc.

HEPAR SULPH- useful in winter or cold exposure. Throat pains, blocked nose, fever with chills, thick nasal discharge, and yellowish phlegm from throat.

IPECAC- very useful in wheezing, cough with phlegm, cough followed by vomiting, asthma, bronchitis.

GELSEMIUM- flu, fever with chills, accompanied by dullness, lack of thirst & fever.

BELLADONNA- inflammation in throat, enlarged tonsils with pain, mild cough, very useful in stage one or beginning of attack.

CHAMOMILLA- Useful in earache, very commonly indicated in infants & toddlers.

ARGENTUM NIT- Congestion in chest, wheezing, phlegm, vomiting with cough.

ARGENTUM MET- inflammation of larynx with loss of voice, pain in throat.

These are just some of the common and frequently indicated homeopathic remedies for ENT & respiratory complaints.

A homeopathic prescription is personalised, what works for one may not be helpful to another , so visit your doctor , get yourself examined, explain symptoms in details so that your homeopath can prescribe a  SIMILIMCYT

Dr.Anshita Singh Rathore

Hope you find this article useful!


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