Guide to Allergy Treatment

Here is a list of some common food items that may trigger allergic cough in kids & adults.
It is adviced to avoid these items atleast during the initial treatment phase, till the sytem is strong to tolerate them.

Most of these items are unhealthy & main allergen is FOOD COLORS , PRESERVATIVES , ADDITIVES , SUGAR.

1.Cream biscuits like Oreo, Packaged cakes with cream
2. Choco pie, chocos, certain “made in china chocolates”
3. Packaged juices
4. Off seasonal fruits , that may contain artificial colors
5. Fondant cakes, cake icing
6.Candies & lolly pops in excess

Besides these there are other food allergen which may be specific to a person/child. Commonly

Eggs, dairy, nuts, gluten, certain fruits , fish , sea food etc.

Other allergens to be careful about are:
Hair sprays, deodorants, antiperspirants, incense / agarbatti, insect repellents, pesticides , hair straightening products , dust, animal dander, certain cosmetics, hair colors.

With regular homeopathy allergies are 95% curable, these allergens may tolerable after proper treatment. 5% sensitivity remains a due to genetic influence & lifestyle factors.

Dr. Anshita Singh Rathore



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